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Laser the almighty?


We are susceptible to mystify and over evaluate new technology. The introduction of laser surgery was considered the peak of the new technology. Truly amazing results can be obtained using the laser, but there are a few myths regarding it which are not true. We went all the way around the issue with dr. Molnár Csaba, who is practicing plastic surgery for twenty years.

The laser is the technology of the 21th century, with a wide range of applications in surgery and dermatology - pointed outdr. Molnár Csaba plastic and laser surgery specialist. The secret lies in using the appropriate device for the intended purpose.


The laser is a high-energy, parallel, monochromatic (given wavelength) light beam, and due it’s properties allows a great selectivity. We are treating with the light beam. There are three main targets: water content of the tissue, pigment content (melanin) of the tissue, and blood paint (hemoglobin). The laser is extraordinary because the different tissues light absorbing curve is different, so we can precisely locate the target and use the corresponding wave length. Due to selectivity, we can perform different actions without damaging other tissues.

Laser or scalpel?

At the time of introduction of laser surgery, I got lot of questions regarding the scars that remain after surgery, if the laser surgery will heal without any scar? – remembered dr. Molnár Csaba. Let’s discuss some basic facts! The moles must be removed with traditional surgical methods. The laser leaves burns on the skin surface, however, the fewer the dead cell, the smoother the wound healing. In addition, the burned tissues cannot be sent to histology testing. So I don’t recommend using the laser either in case of birthmarks and scars removal.

For tattoo removal, however, laser treatment is the best. When removing the tired or tantalizing tattoos, we are targeting the color pigments under the skin with the laser beam, which are broken and eliminated through the lymphatic circulation.

The laser beam is also the most satisfying solution for permanent hair removal. The laser burns the hair follicles of the growing hair on the hair bulb. Treatments should be performed taking into account the hair growth cycle.

The laser device action to the blood vessels, transmits heat to the red blood cells (hemoglobin) in its pathway, the hemoglobin precipitates in form of a thrombus that blocks the blood vessel and the circulation of the blood. It can be applied to various blood vessels, and we can treat small vessels and fire spots with this method.

Varicose disease can also be treated with laser, and the healing time is much shorter. In traditional surgery of varicose disease, the surgeon takes out the vein with a special wire. In the laser surgery, a laser fiber optic is introduced, with the laser beam energized from the inside to weld the varicose vein.

To sum up, a very appropriate and beneficial laser procedure has been developed for all body areas. Those who blame this modern age technology, are not using it for right purpose, or are not using high technology laser equipment.

Eternal youth

The fractional laser device is the latest and most effective skin rejuvenating laser - said dr. Csaba Molnár. The first laser devices exfoliated the surface of the skin in a precisely adjustable depth.  After wound healing, the skin was renewed, smoother and tighter. The development of fractional treatment (fractions of laser beam energy) has opened new perspectives. The latest procedure is based on the body's self-healing mechanism. The essence of this intervention is that the laser energy takes a quarter-millimeter-dimensional puncture holes perpendicular to the skin surface. The punctured surface is up to 10 - 20 percent of the treated area which triggers the body's self-healing processes. Small punctures are healed in 2-3 days. The initiated wound-healing mechanism rebuilds the fibrous network of skin collagen, binds water and tightens skin tone.

Why is a laser skin rejuvenation treatment different from an anti-wrinkle plastic surgery? The fractional laser initiates self-regeneration, which then "works" on the treated surface for months, builds on the new collagen structure and makes the skin more beautiful and younger. After a year, it's even more beautiful than weeks after the treatment, turning around the wheel of time.



What is fundamentally different in laser treatment and post-surgical healing process is that since after conventional surgery, the structure of the skin does not change, and after months it loses its structure again, after the laser intervention - thanks to the regeneration process initiated - the skin tightness, water absorbing ability, and skin smoothness gradually improves week after week. 



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