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My old knee problem was solved

For what complaint did you seek for the EliteClinic private clinic?

My knees began to hurt badly. My left knee has been hurting since 6th grade, when I jumped high and a ligament was broken. It was not treated properly, so it was often overturned and problematic. A year and a half ago, my right knee was hurting so badly that I could not walk. At this point I heard about the Lipogems procedure, because our village priest also treated his hip problem here. When I saw him walking on a bumpy road, I knew that this intervention was very successful. One of my colleagues also received treatment at this clinic. My intervention took place within the next 3-4 weeks after the first consultation.

How do you remember the surgery?

I had a knee surgery before, which cleaned my sore right knee, but it was not perfect, so I came here. I was not worried about the needle puncture, but I was afraid of the stomach liposuction. After watching the intervention on the Internet, I got used to the thought and I knew it would not hurt. Meanwhile, my colleague, who was also treated here, told me everything in detail, so I had no doubt, I came very bravely. And of course everything went well, the intervention was not painful at all. 

What was the change after surgery?

When I went home after surgery I strictly respected the 4-5 days of rest, I did not walk on my treated leg, but I went to toilet and kitchen with my walker, overall I walked very little.  In the fourth week I observed a noticeable improvement. Tiny things such as that I could sit on a lower chair or a toilet seat without clinging.

Prior to the intervention I could not stand for long. For example when I cooked in the kitchen I wasn’t able to stand for a long time on my feet. This has changed significantly today. Likewise, in the church I couldn’t stand on my feet during a prayer. Now, this is completely problem-free. I can stand the whole time.  



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