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"Now I can concentrate on painting again!"

What is your problem when contacted the Elite Clinic Private Clinic?

I was sick with my limb for more than 10 years and consulted a lot of orthopedic surgeons. They all told me that I was needed a radical surgery which meant prosthesis to my hip. There was a surgeon who suggested a wheelchair, because I was already inoperable. Earlier I had many health problems that weren’t supported radical surgery - prosthesis implantation. On January 27 we saw an interview in the News with a football player treated with Lipogems technique, and we called the Clinic immediately. The firs consultation was held in March and Dr. Csernátony Zoltán doesn’t give me much hope (2-10% chance of healing). Despite the slight chance, we took the intervention, because at home I could not do 2-3 steps without pain. It was terrible!

What happened next?

After the first consultation, Dr. Csernátony ordered a health audit and find out that I had a teeth inflammation. We treated it, and came back on May 9, 9 a.m. to perform the intervention. The family was prepared to take me home in bed, because I can’t do any step without help since I was essentially incapacitated. Me and my family’s greatest surprise were when, after the surgery I was standing up from the wheelchair and I took a few steps with the help of a stick. Presumably there was an analgesic effect in this "show", but I was able to sit straight in the car on the way home, 3 hours until Orosháza.

I've been passive for one day at home, and my wife - who has a medical masseur degree - helped me in this. At this point, I only had negligible pains. On the third day I was actively moving (walking, medical bicycle, with some shoots). After a week I could get up on the exercise bike as a man with one foot over the bike. Up to now I was able to stand up from the armchair only with help, but now I can get up without any help. My studio is upstairs, where I have not even gone in the last few years, or if so, only very slowly, clinging to something. After surgery, this has also changed. Yesterday I got to the point that I was able to climb up to five to six steps. So far 6 weeks have passed since the intervention and I am very grateful to the Clinic and God that I achieved this healing.

How do you felt during the surgery?

Happy! We were talking with dr. Csernátony about fine art, horses and dogs, because I was given local anesthesia, not general anesthesia. The only unpleasant moment was when he injected the stem cells in my hip. It felt a bit stretched, but was a bearable pain. 


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