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Safe procedure against the nail fungus

It is a sneaky little pathogen, which can disturb one’s everyday life. Opposed to the medication health remedies, the often prescribed laser treatment can have beneficial results without any side effects.

The nail fungus is very largely spread in our days, and it is the most common fungal disease. It can be caused by many things, such as: closed shoes, increased sweating, previous injury, diabetes, circulatory disorders, etc. It is a hardly manageable, stubborn disease. The topical treatments alone are effective only at an early stage.

At an advanced stage, especially when more than one nail is infected, taking orally drug is needed, however, the medicines taken for long term can have undesirable side effects (mainly liver damage), and will interact with a number of other drug, so in many cases their administration is limited.

A new method for nail fungus treatment is the laser based treatment, which is a safe procedure without side effects. The treatment is performed with the Candela Nd: Yag laser with a special setting to use in this purpose. The affected nail, cuticles and skin is also treated. The healing therapy, usually needs 15 sessions, but basically is determined by the rate of infection. Treatment of nails thicker than 2 mm is usually ineffective, so before the treatment the nails must be narrowed. The procedure requires no anesthesia; the patient will feel warmth during the treatment. Treatments are repeated in 4-6 weeks. Due to the slow growth of the nail, the success of the treatment can be observed after 3 months.


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