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As a result of breastfeeding, my breasts were enlarged. What could be done?

Breast surgery is recommended 3-4 months after breastfeeding and cessation of milk production. By this time, the size and position of the breast will no longer change. Now it is possible to decide whether the breast size should be increased by an implant or the size of the gland should be lifted and reshaped with breast lifting.

When must be replaced the breast implants?

According to our present knowledge, average age of implants is 10 to 15 years. If you do not have any complaints, you may want to visit your doctor once a year. After ten years we will be checking the integrity of the implant with a radiological (MRI) test. The implant must be replaced only if the tests show that the implant structure is damaged and there is suspicion of leaking. We often see patients with 15-20 years old implants without any complaint.

I am interested in a nose plastic surgery. I want to correct my nose.

Removal of "hump" on the nose means breaking the nasal bones without any Rhinoplasty, where only the shape of the nasal tip is to be modified. Surgery is performed with general anesthesia, with a one-day hospital stay, as this is the safest way for the patient. On average, the cost of surgery is 450,000 forints, and if the nasal swab is corrected, the operation will cost 550,000 HUF, including the costs of anesthesia, but there is no pre-surgery (labor, X Rays, ECG) and hospital hotel costs.

My question is if you perform any mole removal? If so, how much does such an intervention cost?

Skin changes - e.g. mole - easy removal will cost you 25,000 forints. If you remove a number of similar birth marks from the same patient at once, the removal of the second and further lesions increases the cost by 15,000 forints each. If we send the extracted material for histological examination, this will cost you a 8,000 HUF test fee per sample.

My question would be whether there is an everlasting breast implant? In a very small breast (75A), what size implant looks still natural?

Unfortunately there is NO “Ever lasting” breast implant. The average age of an implant is 10-15 years. Even a very expensive American implant didn’t last longer! For a particular patient, choosing the size and the possible dimensions is done during the consultation, taking into account the anatomy of that person and body dimensions.

I want to have a liposuction. I am interested in the price and the process.

The costs of liposuction depend on the size and number of treated areas. A surgical area is, for example, the side of the hip or thigh. If only one or two areas are treated, local anesthesia can be performed, but multiple body regions can only be surgically treated by total anesthesia. In such cases, the costs of anesthesia and overnight hospitalization increase the surgical fee. For information, an area under ​​local anesthesia is 80-100 thousand HUF, but for example, surgery under general anesthesia of the stomach and hip is about 500,000 forints.

Because of my considerable weight loss, my small breasts are sagging. Is it possible to perform breast lifting without a breast implant, if yes, how much is it?

Without breast implant, good results can be obtained with breast lifting only if there is enough breast material that can be formatted. If the breast material is not enough, then we can perform breast implant with the necessary corrections in one surgery. If there is no need of breast implants, the breast lifting surgery price is 600,000 - 700,000 forints.

What kind of solution would you suggest to eliminate the circles from under the eyes? Unfortunately, Mesotherapy has no results.

The circles under the eyes can be efficiently corrected by filling them with your own fat.

I would like to ask whether there is laser treatment to eradicate pregnancy strips (abdomen). If so, is it a single procedure or a series of treatments?

There is no effective way to remove pregnancy strips (strip). It is only possible that, if the strip is located on the expanded abdominal wall, to remove it completely by an abdominal plastic surgery procedure.

What is the recuperation time after a breast plastic surgery? I am a sportswoman, fitness competitor, so it’s important to train myself as soon as possible. I want to know also after how many years I must change the breast implants.

After breast implant surgery, we do not recommend breast muscle exercise for six weeks. Otherwise, the fluid formation around the implant will be increased. The average lifespan of the implants is 10 - 15 years, but replacement is only necessary if the examinations show that the aging implants are damaged. So they can stay longer in the body.


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