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Laser Treatments

Laser Face Rejuvenation

Face rejuvenation is performed at our clinic with an ELOS device. This unit uses light energy combined with radio frequency to achieve the desired effect. The device can be used with several heads, according to your needs: the elasticity head, the anti-wrinkle head, or the rejuvenating head. In order to achieve the best effect in everyday practice, the use of these heads is usually combined.

During the treatment, the skin's collagen production is stimulated, which suppresses superficial pigment abnormalities, shrinken enlarged blood vessels, reduces the depth of the wrinkles, thus giving a more uniform, youthful facial skin. Treatment needs to be repeated several times, usually 4 to 5 treatments are necessary to achieve the desired effect, and depending on the individual, after six months and-or a year 1-2  maintenance treatments are required, to maintain the effect as long as possible. 

The changes begin to appear after 4-6 weeks after the treatment, as the collagen production starts, and during treatment the condition of the skin is constantly improving. The pigmentation spots first darken and within 1-2 weeks are dissapearing. Small, dilated vessels respond later to the treatment. During the treatment, the patient feels warmth and a pitching sensation, which does not cause any discomfort, so there is no need of anesthesia. In contrast to surgical and ablative laser procedures, the advantage of this treatment is that, there is no recovery time; the patient does not fall out of the daily routine. During treatment only a little redness occurs, which spontaneously dissapears within 24 hours. Less frequently superficial crusting can be observed. During and after treatment, sun exposure is prohibited.  


Tatoo Removal with Laser 

Tattooing procedure artificially injects different dyes under the the skin for different purposes. Nowadays it is a popular form of self-expression among young people. In present, due to the variety of dyestuffs and technology, tattooing has developed to an almost artistic level. But the tastes and perception of a person may change over time, so maybe he/she would like to discard previously fashionable, decorative tattoos.

Tatoo removal is possible with the Bison Lucid Q-PTP laser. The specialty of this laser is that it can deliver a lot of energy in a very short time so that the dye is effectively sprayed into small dispersed particles in the skin, after which the cells pick them up and transport them. The human body washes out the dye from the skin. During successive treatments, the overall tattooing will be faded. 

Removing the entire tattoo will take more time. Up to 6-8 occasions are necessary to achieve acceptable results, but it depends on the color of the tattoo (red and yellow are the most stubborn colors) and on how many times it has been "adjusted". Different tattooing dyes react differently to the treatment, so it is advisable to perform a test treatment. The actual treatment will be repeated from six to six weeks. This type of treatment is painful. The pain can be eased with painkiller creams, applied before tattoo removal treatment. After the treatment, the tattoo is whitened, a plaque is formed around it and in the treated area redness, and swelling and bleeding marks can be seen. This condition disappears spontaneously in two weeks. There may also be blistering, bleeding, and crusting, which should be treated. If properly treated, removed tattoos rarely leave any marks on the skin. The treated area must be protected from sunlight and strong mechanical impacts.  


Laser Treatment of Varicose Veins

The varicose vein is a vein which delivers blood to the heart from the tissues. Due to age, or tendency to hereditary disease, its wall may lose the elasticity necessary for the blood to flow in a direction opposite to gravity, from legs towards the heart. The amount of blood contained in the veins exerts increased pressure on the varicose veins, which becomes thinner and sinuous.

In some cases, the varicose veins do not cause complaints, but the patient often experiences pain, inflammation, pruritus, muscle fatigue, and muscular cramps. Due to this condition skin lesions, ulcers, thrombosis may result, therefore, in case of the appearance of varicose veins, contact a specialist who will perform the essential tests and will suggest a treatment according to the results. 

A common problem in this case is the presence of harmless but aesthetically disturbing vasodilations, bruising veins, and hemangiomas (blood warts) on the skin. These problems can be solved with the Candela laser, which uses an Nd: Yag type laser beam. Laser treatment may be a limiting factor if the vessel to be treated is too thick (3 mm on the legs, 1 mm in the arteries, and 1 mm in the case of facial artery) or, if it is not within the treating depth of the laser beam. Generally, one treatment is sufficient to achieve the desired results, but if a second treatment is required, it can be repeated 8 to 12 weeks later. Smaller treated veins dissapear immediately, the thicker ones first darken and disappear after a few weeks. The laser treatment does not require anesthesia, due to the integrated cooling system of the appliance, which minimizes the patient’s discomfort. Immediately after treatment, on the treated area redness, swelling occurs, but these will be dissapearing spontaneously. In rare cases the patient may experience superficial scarring, possibly blistering or pigmentation on the treated skin area. For a few days after the treatment, special attention should be paid to light protection, protection of the legs for a week with bandages, and it is advised to avoid the activities which cause increased vasodilatation (sauna, intense sports).


Laser Hair Removal

Several methods are known for removing aesthetically disturbing hairs. Most durable, aesthetically pleasing result can be achieved by laser hair removal treatment. Among the currently available laser devices, the Alexandrite laser proved to be the most effective in this field.

During the treatment, the energy delivered by the device flows through the hair into the hair follicle, where it heates the pigment and destroys it. Hair is growing in cycles; each hair is in a different phase. The treatments affect only the hairs which are in the metabolic phase, so to achieve the desired results only one treatment is not enough.

It is important to know, that laser treatments can be started only 4 weeks after epilation with waxing.  Shaving is permitted. Depending on body region, the treatment can be repeated after 6-8 weeks, and for optimal results 6-8 treatments are necessary. For keeping the results, it is necessary to repeat the treatment once a year. 

Our clinic uses a Syneron Candela type laser device, which is a combination of Nd:Yag, and alexandrite laser. The device has a cooling device that blows a special refrigerant gas into the target area before the shot, thus reducing the inconvenience caused by the treatment, so no special anesthesia is required. After the treatment temporary redness and swelling around hair follicles appears, and the hairs gradually fall off after approximately two weeks. In rare cases the treatment can result in peeling due to superficial burns, or may result in burnt ore formation. Rarely observed undesirable side effects of treatment are, pigment excess or pigment deficiency in the treated areas. These aesthetically disturbing signs disappear, but it takes a long time (6 to 10 months). Before, during and after treatments, particular attention should be paid to light and sun protection. Avoid solarium use and intense UV radiation.


Laser Nail Fungus Treatment

Nail fungus is a fungal infection of nails, nail bed or nail skin. Nail fungus is a common disease nowdays, and is among the most common fungal infections. There are a number of things that can predispose to it: closed shoes, increased sweating, previous injuries, diabetes, circulatory disorders. It is a stubborn disease, difficult to treat. Fungal diseases are infectious, so we can catch them from other people even in public showers, on the beach, or using common towels. 

Laser nail fungus treatment is a safe treatment, which does not have the side effects of oral medicines. The treatment is done with a Candela device, whith a special setup of the Nd:Yag laser. Not only the affected nails, but also the nail bed and the side of the nails are treated. 

Healing usually requires 1 to 5 treatments, basically determined by the degree of infection. Treatment of a thicker than 2 mm nail plate is usually ineffective, so the thicker nails should be thinned before treatment. The procedure does not require anesthesia, the patient will feel warmth during the treatment. Treatments are repeated every 4 weeks. Due to the slow growth of the nails, the success of the treatment can be determined only after approx. 3 months.


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