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At Elite Clinic’s Cardiology Private Practice, the specialized investigations are carried out by Dr. Fülöp Tibor.

Static EKG

Electrocardiography (EKG) is one of the easiest investigations, but it is a heart test which gives a large amount of information, and for these reason it is considered the most essential and indispensable part of cardiology studies. During the test, the electrical signals emitted by the contraction of the heart muscles are examined by means of electrodes placed in different points on the body. 

EKG testing does not burden the body; it does not cause any pain. With the help of this investigation, we can measure the frequency of heartbeats, their regularity, study the size of the ventricles wall, and detect possible heart rhythm disturbances, irritable bowel disorders, myocardial and coronary artery disease and other abnormalities. Depending on the symptoms detected, further cardiological tests may be necessary to detect the problem correctly.

EKG with Exercise Test

There are some cardiological problems that can be detected by EKG only when the body needs more oxygen. In these cases is done an EKG with exercise test. The patient is tested when he/she is making effort on a bycicle or running band. Effort is gradually increased and besides EKG, blood pressure is measured. Intensity of the effort is increased under strict medical supervision until the patient’s pulse reaches the normal values.

EKG with exercise test helps to determine the patient's physical loadability, to check the effectiveness of drug therapy, the need for further treatments, and to establish the diagnosis of coronary artery disease. 

24-hour (Holter) EKG

There may be disturbances that can only be observed on a case-by-case basis. Randomized EKG observations are rarely suitable for detecting some anomalies, and a so-called Holter or 24-hour EKG test may be required, whereby a portable device is placed on the patient's body. The device continuously monitors the electrical activity of the heart during a whole day, while maintaining the patient's daily activities so that it is possible to detect abnormalities more effectively.


Echocardiography allows anatomical exploration of the structure and functioning of the heart. With the help of this investigation, it is possible to observe the anatomy of the heart and veins, to detect inflammatory problems and tumor diseases, to observe muscle function, and to determine blood flow parameters. It is suitable for detection of valve diseases, the examination of the pericardial fluid, surgery of cardiac chambers, post-infarct scarring, tissue growth, and septal deffect. The procedure is painless and has no negative effect on the body.

24-hour Blood Pressure Monitoring

During a 24-hour blood pressure measurement (ABPM), a portable device is attached to the patient's body, which measures and records blood pressure for 24 hours while continuing the daily routine. This test helps the physician to determine the causes of high blood pressure, to monitor the daily fluctuations in blood pressure or to review the success of the treatment in progress. It helps in filtering out the so-called. "White cloak syndrome", the case when the patient is relieved of the stress situation caused by hospital conditions and normal blood pressure is established. 

It may be necessary to keep an event log in which the patient records potential stress, physical stress, and other factors affecting blood pressure.

Diabetological Examination

Excessive thirst or hunger, increased urinary discharge, frequent urinary tract infections, sudden, apparently deprived weight loss, skin infections, pruritus, all are symptoms of diabetes mellitus. If you observe any of the above mentioned symptoms, it is worth taking part in a diabetological examination, whereby the physician first examines the patient's pre-existing and existing illnesses, revealing possible hereditary illnesses, because the tendency to diabetes is affected by both genetics and lifestyle. Then physical examination and laboratory tests are performed. After the evaluation, we will give advice on the patient's existing health problems and risky lifestyle counseling, in which our specialist determines the diet guidelines to be followed. If there is a high risk of diabetes or its occurrence, for the patient it is also important to come back for regular reevaluations. 

Manager screening

Increased stress and low-level lifestyle resulting from prolonged sitting in the workplace, typically for office workers, will increase the risk of developing hazardous diseases, which may be asymptomatic in early stages, so the timely treatment is difficult. For patients with such a lifestyle, the continuous prevention and control tests are very important, because the best remedy for cardiovascular and cancer diseases are prevention and treatment of the disease as soon as possible. 



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